Annemarie van Riet
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The inner sanctum for wine makers

Bordeaux, France 2018


Creating a home away from home for customers of this boutique winery

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Concept & Strategy
Interior Design

Location: Bordeaux, France



Creating a home away from home for customers of a boutique winery.  At the heart of the design is making the winemaking experience come to life with a blending area, a temperature controlled bottle library, a comfortable salon to spend time and a multi functional dining / events area.

The interior of the winery is pared back, luxurious in its simplicity and focus on wine making.  There are echoes of the traditional winery: custom made tables echo the traditional winemakers trestle tasting tables.  Chalky paint finishes are based on the dusty earth and colours in the vineyard, old wood is repurposed as cupboards.

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