Annemarie van Riet
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Community gatherings fostering great food and casual conversation

Kinfolk, Belgium 2013 - 2015

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Kinfolk publishes a consistent stream of casual entertaining ideas to which readers subscribe quarterly as a collectable print magazine, weekly with online features, and in-person with workshops, dinners and events.

From 2013 – 2015 Kinfolk hosted monthly gatherings with readers around the globe, working with hand-picked hosts to create learning-by-doing experiences on their behalf. These small-scale workshops and dinners are an invitation to guests to indulge in curiosity, taking part in skills we wish our grandparents had passed down. Kinfolk designed ten different themes for the year, all seasonally inspired.

2013 Butcher Block Party
2014 L’Esprit de la mer
2014 A Wabi Sabi Meal
2015 A workshop visit

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