Annemarie van Riet
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A modular program to create a kitchen that fits your way of cooking and living

Kitchen Club, Aalst 2016


A new concept of tailormade kitchens with highest attention to detail and material.

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Interior Design
Product launch
Branded materials
Concept Development
Website Design

Location: Aalst, Belgium
Website: Kitchen Club


kitchen club,

Kitchen Club is a collection of ready made kitchens by de Menagerie in Aalst.  The starting point: 3 design concepts, each carefully created with their own personality but sharing the same philosophy to use materials from nature that are pleasing to touch and age beautifully.  Working closely with craftspeople, each material is carefully selected for its pattern and individual character.

The modular approach allows the designs to adapt to any space, regardless of size, shape or height.  Cabinets can be freestanding or placed against a wall, doors can be changed or painted.  The result: a kitchen tailored to individual taste and tailored to your way of cooking and living. 

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