Annemarie van Riet
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The interplay of sculpture and function in everyday objects

ICO, Belgium 2017 - 2018


ICO is a collection of everyday objects that combines sculptural forms with functionality

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Interior Design
Product launch
Business Plan

Product Design: Marc Merckx
Photography: Dorothee Dubois
PR: Nightingale



Every single object was born from a desire to find an aesthetic solution for things often hidden away.  Many objects are modular.  An oversized bowl in terrazzo is a beautiful statement piece for the kitchen.  Team it with the wooden board and it becomes a chopping block.  A simple brass tray is great for carrying items to and from the table.  Add the wooden insert and it turns into a cutting board for bread.

Crafted by hand and machine, these objects are made to last using materials that will age beautifully, marking the passage of time.  They are solid, natural materials inspired by the archetypal kitchen: copper and brass, marble, terrazzo and wood.  Old world craftsmanship combined with modern design.

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“All our products feature functional shapes,” says Merckx, who has designed 25 pieces ranging from delicate brass bowls to marble vases for the collection to date. “We always try to go back to basics, to the point where you can’t remove anything else.”

Monocle Magazine, Issue 03 2016

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