Annemarie van Riet
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A sneaker club

Scoop 86, Luxemburg 2016 - 2018


A new retail experience for sneaker lovers: in-store customization in the maker’s lab, audio tours in the mini-gallery, a café as well as a sneaker club.

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Interior Design icw Nightingale

Construction: Biesmans
Location: Luxemburg
Website: Scoop 86



The industrial look is reinterpreted with concrete paneled walls to create a beautifully textured flexible wall display. The origami like shape of the cash desk echoes the building’s shape.  A rough parquet floor and industrial foam re-purposed as seat cushions provide texture contrasting with the smooth minimal modular furniture pieces.

The restrained materials and colour palette provide a neutral background that allow the sneakers to draw the attention.

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Could a sneaker-head community space in Scoop (86) safeguard against physical retail’s decline?

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