Annemarie van Riet
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Concrete poetry as an ode to edgy plantbased food

Nala Food, Antwerp 2018 - 2019


Brutalist architecture echoes the raw vegan food in this cooking studio

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Interior Design icw st vincents

Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Open: September 2019
Instagram: Nala Food


Cooking studio,

The client had envisaged a multifunctional space where guests can be delighted with raw, stripped back cooking during a private dinner or workshop as well as a food photography studio.

Taking cues from the existing brutalist architecture, we set out to conceive an open-planned, flexible space focused on the visually arresting sculpture that is the cooking island. The stark exposed concrete and sharp angles of the volumes are softened by tactile plaster, patterned marble and a textured rippled insert that conceals the vestiaire and toilets.

All images are mood images from various sources

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The brutalist aesthetic creates a visually arresting background to groundbreaking plantbased cooking

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